Based in Villejuif (94) close to the Porte d'Italie (Paris), the aluminum foundry of the grand father and father of Jean-Michel Gallet moved (1972) to Mussy-sur-Seine (10) native region of the maternal family. In 1989, Jean-Michel started restorations of DS and SM models in the family business. In 2002, his father Jean-Pierre, retires and closes the foundry. The same year Jean-Michel creates SM2A and is joined by his younger brother Laurent, who has a BTEC in mechanics and a BTEC in body restoration and paint spraying. In 2015 Jean-Michel’s son Nicolas joins the family business. SM2A work along side other company,s when needed and employs 4 people who are all passionate about their work and the project company.


The boss of SM2A surrounded by Laurent, Nicolas and his collaborators, Jean-Michel Gallet describes himself as an observer: "I made my first steps at 7 by hand moulding aluminum parts and accompanying my grand father to his clients. With him I learned to observe and listen. Those who know him will say that he is passionate, fascinated by technology, of course, but first passionate about his job, the mechanics, CITROEN and its legendary models, the DS and SM. "In the Gallet’s family we’ve always driven the DS". Thus, from the foundry to the DS, his path was set. Jean-Michel Gallet has learned mechanics on the job: "At 16 I prepared and improved my enduro bike (a Yamaha 125 DTMX). Jean-Michel Gallet is a self-taught, curious about many things, with the desire to learn from the older generation and transmit knowledge to people. "Very young I maintained the family DS, a 21 injection, and at 17 I bought, through la Vie de l’Auto, my first SM’s Maserati engine, to study and understand it ...! ". Holder of a diploma of adjuster then milling, it proves to be as well an inventor. As sociable man, Jean-Michel Gallet met many personalities of the automotive world, "My first and only boss, Roland de La Poype, an extraordinary man, creator of the Mehari and Marineland in Antibes, will give me the envy, and passion to create, to move forward, but Mr. Nicolosi, RETROMOBILE event creator, who allowed me to exhibit in 1989, which launched my career. " He developed contacts with Pierre Tissier, the manufacturer of lengthened CITROENS, Jacques POUZET mechanic of Jean-Pierre BELTOISE. Hence his taste for entrepreneurship, he repairs, designs, and improves reliability of SM and Maserati. He expended the workshop from 100 to 500 m2 and he is known to the automotive press, and especially Andre Costa, editor of Auto-Journal. Recognized by their peers, Jean-Michel, Laurent and Nicolas Gallet form a trio that complete each other and know how to get prepared for new challenges.

Nicolas, engineer, holds a Master in race car design, has specialized in the injection of the DS and SM aging badly. "Restoring a car like the DS or SM is like raising a child, it is an osmosis between the car owner and the mechanic craftsman."

The company's business.

Maintain, repair, invent, create, manufacture, assemble ... modernize, reliability.